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Massachusetts law prohibited the use of lead paint in construction after 1978.

All lead paint inspection reports used in Massachusetts are the same for all inspectors. The inspection company using that format puts his or her company name at the top of the report when performing an inspection.

Stephen M. Cook holds License #I-1189 for lead paint inspections and License #R-1189 as a Lead Paint Risk Assessor. Steve uses the latest RMD x-ray fluorescence lead paint analyzer for non-destructive testing of painted surfaces.

Massachusetts allows a few types of Lead Inspections.
The first, the most common, is called a full comprehensive lead paint inspection whereby the outside and inside of the home are tested and a report for each area is generated. The second is called a lead determination. This is a 6 to 8 page report whereby the inspector randomly tests approx. 30 areas outside and inside the home. This report is for the absence or presence of lead paint on the areas chosen  and is not a detailed report that can be used for deleading purposes or compliance. A full comprehensive lead paint inspection is needed for deleading purposes or lead paint compliance

Imperial Inspection Services performs lead paint testing only. WE DO NOT REMOVE LEAD PAINT.

To find out if your home has been tested for lead paint by a licensed lead inspector or a state inspector
 If the State site is  down when you try to log on use the information below to call and have them check the address.

Contact Information Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108

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